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We work with our clients to help them transform their businesses, integrate technology into everything they do, and develop long-term skills.

Industries are constantly under pressure to cut costs while improving operational efficiency. When organizations make decisions concerning workforce numbers, these objectives usually clash. It will always be difficult to plan and produce the optimal workforce, especially when expenses and working conditions are taken into account. Tight labor markets, along with a drop in vocational training programs, are making finding, hiring, and training workers much more difficult in many regions of the world.

Softra-Tech provides full-service staffing solutions to our clients. We assist organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in achieving the Change that Matters Most to Them! We work with our clients to help them transform their businesses, integrate technology into everything they do, and develop long-term skills.

We are dedicated to providing excellent talent to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. We provide workforce solutions to a variety of sectors, including financial services, public sector, energy & utility, media & telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceutical & biotech, hi-tech, manufacturing, and retail, based on our extensive industry experience.

To support your core teams, we identify functional and technical contingent expertise for you. We build up the entire team and then let you manage it any way you want! Simply tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll follow through on a predetermined Scope of Work (SoW).

With our recruitment talents and proven methods, we are dedicated to surpassing our clients’ expectations. Whether you need Project Team, Managed, or SoW solutions, we can help. Through our quick and established screening procedure, our talent acquisition professionals will find the finest talent fit for your requirements. We swiftly offer excellent personnel to our clients, highlighting our desire to be a part of their success story.

Softra-Tech delivers continued value to you by delivering a unique Employee Care Program once individuals and teams have been selected for your firm. Each employee Care Specialist guarantees that our personnel working for you have a single point of contact at Softra-Tech for all inquiries, concerns, and difficulties as part of the program. Overall contentment, motivation, and performance are all enhanced as a result of this.

We offer expertise across

Softra-Tech provides you innovative contract staffing solutions to supplement your core teams with experts, we are equipped to meet the rapidly fluctuating global talent needs of today’s corporate environment. We take pride in providing highly qualified and experienced resources for contract staffing - whether your requirement is for short-term projects, seasonal hiring, long term or workforce.

Lower operational expenses by using temporary resources to complement or offer the required skills.
Skilled manpower on-demand- short or long-term staffing contracts invoiced on a time-and-materials basis are flexible and cost-effective.

We understand companies want confidence in adding talented staff to their organization. The risk and cost of bad hires are the two major factors that make organizations turn to Softra-Tech for contract-to-hire staffing. Softra-Tech’s contract-to-hire staffing service offers reassurance and flexibility in recruitment to suit any special circumstances. With our extensive candidate database, cost-effective rates and fast response times, we can handle your immediate and long-term resource needs in any contract-to-hire scenario. To add value, we'll appoint a specific talent acquisition team that is familiar with your unique needs.

Proactive management- over the term of the contract, we manage resources proactively and provide a full-service approach to staffing.

When you need to acquire full-time staff, we work as your trusted partner who will make an outstanding first impression on today’s candidates and has access to passive candidates. Our talent acquisition team follows a unique recruitment process, offering end-to-end recruiting services. These include offering passive candidate attraction, pro-active sourcing, candidate engagement, pre-screening, interviewing, technical screening, background & reference checks, and salary & compensation advice.

Flexibility- reduce resources when projects are finished or to keep the staffing arrangement for long-term staff augmentation.
Agility that allows and enables rapid scaling to meet your business needs as demands grow or change.

How we do it

Dedicated Account Management

Customized Diversity & Inclusion Strategy & Execution

Dedicated / Shared Employee Care

Shared Back-Office Services

Dedicated, Specialized & Scalable Recruitment Team

Client-Centric Candidate Sourcing & Screening Strategy

Our teams work closely with you...

to understand the organization and role expectations to ensure we can represent and position your organization effectively to the prospective candidates. With our proven process, we can offer competitive pricing and guaranteed quality.