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We take pride in providing highly qualified and experienced resources for contract staffing

Rather than hiring a permanent employee, contract staffing is the practice of hiring a worker on a temporary basis. Contract Hiring is a favored choice for many employees and employers alike, with flexible working on the upswing and market needs moving quicker than ever.

The contract is for a specific amount of time, after which the independent contractor and the firm are typically no longer obligated to each other. The contract length might be set to cover a specific short-term project, busy season, or period of absence taken by a key employee, and it could be full-time or part-time work.

Contract staffing is believed to offer more flexibility for both companies and employees. Independent employees aren’t bound to a certain job or firm, which might provide some lifestyle benefits. Employers may then adjust their personnel to suit demand, which is usually a more cost-effective strategy.



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Supplementing your core teams with experts

One advantage for companies is that hiring an independent contractor is typically a much faster option to fill a gap in their team than hiring a permanent employee. Companies may also avoid the time-consuming components of hiring new employees by using a contract staffing service. In this case, we manage the process of identifying, screening, and recommending the best applicants, as well as managing the payroll and orientation process if needed.

Softra-Tech provides you innovative contract staffing solutions to supplement your core teams with experts, we are equipped to meet the rapidly fluctuating global talent needs of today’s corporate environment. We take pride in providing highly qualified and experienced resources for contract staffing – whether your requirement is for short-term projects, seasonal hiring, long-term, or workforce.

Lower operational expenses by using temporary resources to complement or offer the required skills.

Skilled manpower on-demand- short or long-term staffing contracts invoiced on a time-and-materials basis are flexible and cost-effective.

Agility that allows and enables rapid scaling to meet your business needs as demands grow or change.

Flexibility- reduce resources when projects are finished or to keep the staffing arrangement for long-term staff augmentation.



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