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Every corporation has a sufficient number of people on its regular payroll who are employed on a long-term basis. In the mutually approved agreement, the work description and remuneration details are clearly stated, and full-time employees are provided with all benefits plus bonuses. Permanent positions do not have a preset termination date. Permanent hiring is a long-term investment for a firm that helps it grow from the ground up.



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Supplementing your core teams with experts

Permanent staffing is the process of identifying and recruiting qualified applicants for long-term employment based on a set of criteria. To ensure the entire provision of a solution, a permanent staffing service provider gathers the best-fit applicants based on the criterion of salary, experience, cultural resonance, and job description. A permanent staffing solution provider is responsible for locating, vetting, interviewing, and putting the appropriate people within the company.

When you need to acquire full-time staff, we work as your trusted partner who will make an outstanding first impression on today’s candidates and has access to passive candidates. Our talent acquisition team follows a unique recruitment process, offering end-to-end recruiting services. These include offering passive candidate attraction, pro-active sourcing, candidate engagement, pre-screening, interviewing, technical screening, background & reference checks, and salary & compensation advice.

Lower operational expenses by using temporary resources to complement or offer the required skills.

Skilled manpower on-demand- short or long-term staffing contracts invoiced on a time-and-materials basis are flexible and cost-effective.

Agility that allows and enables rapid scaling to meet your business needs as demands grow or change.

Flexibility- reduce resources when projects are finished or to keep the staffing arrangement for long-term staff augmentation.




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