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We hear over and over again that companies want to make a mark for themselves and bring about a change that matters. The question now is, how? You cannot be alone in your journey to convert your visions into a reality.

Only when a group full of passionate people join you, whose visions are aligned with your company’s and skills add to its uniquely collaborative culture, can you bring on your full potential as a brand. This is where we step in.


We have a simple mission-

to empower the world’s ambitious change makers to define the future! We operate as a team with our clients, with the common goal of achieving amazing outcomes, outperforming the competition, and redefining industries. We employ the right tools and technology to help our clients fulfil ever-changing, ever-growing needs and establish a competitive advantage in the worldwide market. To produce better, quicker, and longer-lasting results, we combine our specialised, integrated knowledge with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators.


We believe that bold aspirations define the future

when they are powered with the right resources! We act as the bridge between skillful people and clients who challenge themselves to be exceptional.Our unwavering commitment to always do the right thing by our customers, employees, and communities drives all we do. Our vision is to assist companies in creating high levels of value that set new industry standards of excellence.



We deliver leading-edge, innovative, and business-driven solutions for small to large enterprises across all industries, State and Local Governments. By unlocking the power of people, we prepare your company for the 4th Industrial Revolution with leading-edge technologies to help you stay ahead of disruption with AI, IoT, and Cloud Computing.

Technology Staffing

Softra-Tech provides full-service staffing solutions to our clients. We assist organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in achieving the Change that Matters Most to Them! We work with our clients to help them transform their businesses, integrate technology into everything they do, and develop long-term skills.

Training & Development

We assist and establish a culture of real inclusion by investing in and fostering diverse talent, generating new and larger talent pipelines, and guaranteeing our clients can fulfill their objectives in line with emerging technologies. We also create Education-to-Employment programs for early-career and under-represented workers.





& Development

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    What our customers are saying

    Dilbag Singh

    VP, Progress Solutions LLC
    At first, we weren't sure if we should outsource our staffing requirements. But Softra-Tech assured us and brought on board really capable team members who blended so easily with our system. Will definitely recommend them further.

    Raunaq Singh Gill

    We didn't even know where to start with the training and upskilling of our team. Softra-Tech really made the process systematic and easier to navigate. Will definitely collaborate more in future. Thanks!

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