Reassurance and flexibility in recruitment
We will appoint a specific talent acquisition team that is familiar with your unique needs.

Even after spending more than a month to finalize a candidate, companies are unsure if the chosen applicant will work to his full potential or stay with the company for an extended period. A hybrid method of temporary/contract and direct recruiting can address these perennial difficulties encountered by Talent Acquisition and HR executives in any firm. It’s referred to as contract-to-hire staffing.

After an employee is employed on a contract-to-hire basis, he or she is placed in a temporary role with the prospect of being recruited full-time when the contract expires. The short contract positions enable both the business and the individual to try out the job before committing to a full-time position. A contract-to-hire employee is officially hired by the staffing agency but works for the client firm on a contract basis.



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Supplementing your core teams with experts

We understand companies want confidence in adding talented staff to their organization. The risk and cost of bad hires are the two major factors that make organizations turn to Softra-Tech for contract-to-hire staffing. Softra-Tech’s contract-to-hire staffing service offers reassurance and flexibility in recruitment to suit any special circumstances. With our extensive candidate database, cost-effective rates, and fast response times, we can handle your immediate and long-term resource needs in any contract-to-hire scenario. To add value, we’ll appoint a specific talent acquisition team that is familiar with your unique needs.

We fill the vacancies and take care of the majority of the front-end recruitment responsibilities, such as finding applicants, assessing resumes, and shortlisting them. The applicants that have been shortlisted are then forwarded to our clients for any final interviews. With our insights and assistance, the end-user company makes the final call. On Softra-Tech’s payroll, a chosen applicant begins their work contract. The contract can last anywhere from one month to indefinitely. The client generally always has the choice of employing the employee full-time or ending the contract job.

Lower operational expenses by using temporary resources to complement or offer the required skills.

Skilled manpower on-demand- short or long-term staffing contracts invoiced on a time-and-materials basis are flexible and cost-effective.

Agility that allows and enables rapid scaling to meet your business needs as demands grow or change.

Flexibility- reduce resources when projects are finished or to keep the staffing arrangement for long-term staff augmentation.



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